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Things to Check When your Organic Traffic drops.

It is always of importance and many benefits for a business to have a website. In a business people always have different goals that they want to archive such as getting as many people as possible to know, see and even support what you are doing.  The more people are visiting your site, the higher chance you have of them being your customers and this is done by search engine optimization which will as well improve your Google ranking among others.

It is always good when your organic traffic increases or even when it remains constant instead of decreasing. In business, you will find many businesses’ organic traffic decreasing without knowing a good reason as to why it happens and this will make your website lose its revenue. Here are some things to check when you see a drop in your organic traffic.

  1. Always check if you lost some quality links that you had
  2. Check If your website has been penalized for something
  3. Check if the quality of content you offered has diminished
  4. Are there some changes in the Algorithm?
  5. Check if your competitors are taking your Thunder
  1. Check if you lost some quality links that you had in your website

With links, we all know how important backlinks are. With backlinks visitors visiting your site will get to learn and discover your site. Consider getting backlinks from huge sites or a high authority web page that can greatly increase your organic traffic. So, if you notice a drop in your organic traffic work on your backlinks.

Using the online tools, you will be able to see that you have lost some quality links and even know where they were and you will be able to reach the site that may have removed your link. It is always a good idea of starting up your link-building efforts and work on replacing them.

  • Check if your website has been penalized for anything

On this part, we need to know that Google may penalize your site considering maybe the human review or even the algorithm and this may be because the site is deceptive. Keywords or even breaking some of the guidelines in one way or another. Unnatural links can also lead to the penalization of your site.

It is always good to work on what made your website be penalized and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Always remember that your account being hacked can also lead to website penalization. Once your website is clean, it is of importance for it to start growing as long as you avoid the mistakes you made.  Google always alerts you whenever your website is hacked so, ensure you choose your web hosting wisely.

  • Check if the quality of content you offered diminished

This is to make you know that any content that is posted on your website should be of high and good quality one. Because many websites always come to relax on content after they have seen there is good traffic not knowing it will lead to penalization of low-quality content. As you know that Google is about boosting pages that provide value and not for pages that are lazy or which do not provide quality content.

Consider using the anchor text, aim at writing content with good value and make good use of images as it really helps.

  • Are there changes in the algorithms?

The Google algorithms are responsible for very many reasons considering the SEO and digital marketing agencies. But there are always some changes that take place but either way, there might be some reasons as to why your organic traffic is dropping. Nowadays there are fake experts in marketing who just take your money and go without giving good results.

As they say that change is inevitable in the same way we can say that a change should be what influences ranking or anything that can have an impact on your traffic. It is important to remain privy to these updates and stay to date on the various developments in the world of SEO. You need to be ready to identify what changed or if anything new is being penalized and how to ensure you abide by the rules or the algorithm.

  • Check if your competitors are taking your thunder

The Internet has been the best home for very many websites so there is no way one can be the only site in a given niche. And as usual in business competition is a must so maybe your drop in organic traffic might be due to your competitors who might be ranked higher than you are.

In business, one has to work as hard as one can to deal with your competitors, work together, ask questions and that will help you in improving your content and many other things like SEO among others.

Bottom Line

The above-discussed points are some of the things that if you consider then you will be in a good position to work on your organic traffic hence a good result.

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