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How Google Determine Your Ranking on Search Results Pages.

Nowadays Google is used by everyone more so when searching for different information when looking for different products but why do you think there are the results on the front page of Google? Google always reads content on a website to determine its structure and the link profile. It also determines the relevance that a website holds for any given search terms. This shows you that you need to ensure that your website is optimized for priority because the search terms can always result in higher website rankings, good traffic, and conversions.

Here are some ways to understand how Google Determines your Rank

  1. By knowing the difference between PPC and organic results- it is of great importance to know the difference between PPC and the organic results where PPC results are paid for positions that are purchased by different companies on a bidding platform that is given by Google Ads. It appears at the bottom of a page and has a small ad badged at the top left of the results page.

While organic results are the most relevant and valuable to the users’ questions. They take a huge part of the search result page.

  • Be aware of Algorithm and Ranking- There are many web pages available for any given questions so Google has to prioritize these websites in order to have good relevance and value specifically for each and every question and this is known as ranking and Google has algorithms which are dedicated to working out which web pages should rank for which search terms.

These algorithms always consider so many factors that the search term used, the content, and also the functionality of the website. Site authority is always determined by a number of factors including the value of the contents and the number of websites that link back to the website as a reputable source of information.

  • Get to understand Crawling and Indexing- When you want to understand or know the good purpose of a website, Google will send out bots which follows the hyperlinks throughout the web and crawl each and every page that they come across. The information that they would want to have consist of the headlines, text content and the page tittles among others.

Google will then take the information categorize it and fill it within the index. Hence leading to the indexing process. So, when one enters a question to Google, you will not be actively searching through the entire world web but you are searching Google index.

Google index database always has an entry for every word that is seen on every webpage that they index. It is full of many pages that entail the information and all those information needs to be well organized and in good order so that the results can be found easily and as fast as possible.

  • Recognize Value and The Relevance – These are the most important factors to consider. Google need to take into account the underlying g intent of the one searching and the be in position give the correct return for the question. For now, Google is aware that not each and every site fits the same purpose. Therefore, websites with more value and relevance for a given search terms will be ranked higher on the search engine result page so that the Google user will always get the right information that they require.

With the help of the bots on retrieving the information, Google algorithms will then assess the data from the site to determine whether the given information is the correct one or not depending on the query asked by the searcher. Good quality content is also one of the most important factors used to calculate the relevance of the page to the question.

  • Consider the formats and Convenience- Nowadays the SERPs consist of solely of 10 blue links with the 3ads which are paid at the top page but Google has developed some other new features in the SERPs that will make it easier and faster for a visitor to find what they are looking for.

Google synonym search means that it can match the user to the article that might be targeting a similar keyword even if they are using slightly different phrasing.

 In Conclusion

I have come to realize that Google’s way of ranking websites is not clear as well as not easy but there are many techniques and strategies in the structure of the SEO campaign to climb on, that will enable your website to have a good ranking on the search results page. Ensure you keep your content relevant, continue to build your linking have good keywords and phrases and all shall be good on your site’s ranking.

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