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Ways Meta Description Can Improve Your Click-Through Rate.

What are Meta Descriptions?

These are short snippets of text that help in summarizing web page content. It can just be seen just below the web page’s title in the search results. They are very important in SEO strategies but Google does not use them in ranking algorithms.

Why do Metta Description matter?

Meta description matters a lot in that they help in different ways like:

  • They help improve your marketing function.
  • They can also indirectly improve your ranking when used effectively.
  • They also encourage users to click your link that drives traffic to your website

What are the ways to make them better?

After getting to know the importance of the meta description, then you need to know how you can use them to increase your click-through rate from search results pages and help increase traffic to your website. They include:

  1. Promote Rich snippet
  2. Include Keywords
  3. Trigger action
  4. Don’t reuse Meta Description
  5. Showcase the brand
  6. Avoid unnecessary punctuation
  7. Put the relevant information
  8. Be Accurate
  1. Promoting rich snippet

 Google can turn your standard description into a rich snippet that includes a line of text in between the page title and the meta description. The rich snippet can show things like business hours, ratings, the running time for content, and more. They help you in getting screen real state on SERPs, which helps in CTRs hence the provision of valuable information.

  • Include Keywords

Google is known for not indexing or returning results based on keywords in meta description but does the highlighting in bold, which helps your snippet to stand out in focusing on the link.

  • Tigger action

When looking at the summarization of page contents, the meta description should provide a clear and assertive instruction to help guide, and use a call to action like the learn more.

  • Don’t reuse Meta description

According to what we have learned is that every page should be having its unique snippet because if not done that way, then it will cut down the impact which each page can have on search results. Matt cuts recommend leaving the meta description blank instead of copying and pasting. Google will help generate for you a content management system if you have a blank meta description field by using the first few sentences on the page’s body text.

  • Showcase the brand

As we all know how meta description is much useful in marketing information, majorly on the homepage, when it does so then consider mentioning your brand promise, include maybe one of your taglines, make offers, and express your culture.

  • Avoid unnecessary punctuation

It became something that many do in seeing meta description that squeezes in many discrete chunks of information such as a summary then the seasonal deal or a phone number. Always avoid hyphens, asterisks, or even the underscores as separators but instead of those always go for vertical bars.

  • Putting the relevant information

Always work with your first characters or so to include the meat of your snippet. Meaning any keywords, or vital information ensure they come before calls to action, the temporary offers, and even before the marketing language.

  • Accuracy

Google is the top search engine on how it provides the most relevant results, it will ensure that you find whatever you are searching for is most accurate and found in their search engine. If by any chance you use a meta description that misleads you to bait users into link clicking then be sure to be penalized with Google. If not, then the strategy will eventually affect your bounce rate and this will make your website visitors not find or see whatever they are looking for or searching for.

In a Nutshell

According to the above description on how meta description can improve your click-through rate, we find that it can incredibly increase your opportunity to win a visit from a very potential customer. Always make sure you work hard for you to get the best Google ranking by this you ensure you are doing everything you can to convert the prospect from the google search results page to your site.

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