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The Essential Steps to Monitoring Your Online Reputation.

An online reputation of a business is one of the most important and valuable personal assets. This comes whether you are leading a company or you maybe you are a consultant of other companies or maybe you are a beginner in the industry you will need to have a good online reputation for it is so critical to your personal and your professional success.

What you need to know is that having a good online reputation does not just come easily or automatically but is surpassed to be built. Work on your social media platforms and ensure all goes well.

Once your online reputation is well built then you have to work on how best you can manage it because it is not that easy. The website contains different people who are so smart and some few who are antagonistic. These types of people are not interested in preserving your reputation because that is your work and it requires your time and good attention for you to manage it. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you work through it.

Step 1: Automatic Google Alerts

It is said that the best type of monitoring systems are the automatic ones. With Google alerts, you will automatically receive emails based on specific queries that you set up for:

·         Your name

·         Your brand or company name

·         Any common misspelling of your company name or brand name

Here you can specify the exact search query with the result type, frequency, region, and even the language and where they are delivered. If you are using a common name consider setting up carefully – curated search strings to monitor personal mentions.

Always note that if you have the Googles Me on the Web allows you to search for your name, helps you set alerts and more so you can consider that as well.

Step 2: Have an automatic alert comment on your posts

The most important part of reputation management is that once you post a blog or an article on your website you need to keep up with the article and stay engaged in the discussion. For one to manage this, always respond to the first comment and then subscribe to all future comments for you not to miss any.

The good thing is that most commenting platforms have a system for subscribing to comments threads through emails. Monitoring the discussion on your blog article is important because this is where some of the most meaningful impacts on your reputation are made. Here is where people agree to disagree, ask questions, and discuss about you. And it is very important for you to know and create room for improvements or corrections on your end.

Step 3: Daily check Google+

What I mean by this is just ensuring that your Google+ is checked on a daily basis. This will make you know that whenever you log into Google, you will be able to know if you have notifications from the bell alert. No need of clicking on every notification update but you can just click on the bar graph icon to mark all the notifications as read.

 In addition to checking your updates, you need to occasionally explore the ripples of your post by clicking the down arrow of a post and also clicking the view ripples.

Step 4: Check your Facebook account daily and other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn

It is important to check your Facebook account daily to configure your notifications so that you are alerted to any interaction with your brand. Besides that, you can also set up Facebook alerts to be sent to your emails as well this will make it easy for you to respond to any important message and ignore everything else.

Just to note something about the checking’s done daily in different platforms, you can do them on your mobile devices for it is so easy to access at any particular point that you are in. Another thing is that the social networks have apps with robust functionality a very good customized alert setting.  You can consider using the social media management platforms which will help you customize all your alerts and view all the data that you require in one place.

Step 5: Check your Topsy on a weekly basis

This is a free service that is faster and very easy to use. Checking on topsy at least once a week will help you in viewing all the public social media and the web data on your brand. It also has a sentiment score that uses Twitter firehouse data to aggregate the overall personal sentiments.

The Bottom Line

The world has advanced so much that there are so many services that you will get to use on the control of your reputation and some of them are so helpful r=to our businesses as well as in building your business brands.

Ensure you keep up with the monitoring of your reputation as it entails more information, and information has to require action to take place. So, the key thing here is that you monitor your reputation for you to be able to manage your reputation.

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