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Advantage of Link Building, what it is and Why Do we Prefer It.

What is Link Building?

This is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Link building is also a form of marketing strategies to different websites.

 The below description will explain wide enough on Link building as we now know the meaning and how it helps in different businesses.

Why is it Important to have backlinks?

These are links from one website to a page on another website. They are always valuable for search Engine Optimization which in short are known as (SEO). They help in signal in search engines that other websites confirm your content.

What we need to know is that not all links are created equal hence factors that make some backlinks better than the others. These factors are the linking sites domain (DA) and with this you will get to know if the link is followed or not.

What is a DA?

This is an engine ranking score development that is likely to predict how a website will rank in a search engine result page. We need to know that receiving a backlink from a high DA website is important because the website has a high standard and with that it will give your website a good qualification hence having some of the benefits of linking sites. We can now go as far as knowing how we can build links and add values to your business.

How to get| build backlinks

This is where most people working on the websites as platforms of marketing their businesses need to work with different online platform to help learn more. Working with different websites will help work with you to generate leads for different clients as they transform different businesses and help push the SERPs.

How link building helps in the improvement of your business?

1.     The SEO values- SEO is very important as it adds a great value to your website. One needs to have a website and encourage blog writings that major on the businesses and in the blogs, backlinks should be well placed to help build up and your profile will make your websites more attractive to search engines.

2.     Increased Traffic- This comes after your website is now doing well on the SERPs and your SEO has built lots of backlinks in your business and at the response from people has started showing up and this tells you that it is in the first page of search.

3.     Brand Mentions- This is not the ultimate goal of link building but it adds benefits to it. Because when working with backlinks, your business will ultimately get mentioned within the article where the backlinks are.

4.     Creates revenue opportunities and more sales-

More traffic and better metrics mean more opportunities for revenue generation. This is an assurance that your site will appear higher in search results hence good numbers of customers to you. With this you will be able to sell more products and services as well as generate new revenue.

5.      Helps to stand out as an authority voice- Any person who owns a business or who dwells in any industry would like to see their businesses grow and come in the forefront of their competitors and with link building will help you do this. As a business owner, you will experience different sales and people will view you as a trusted figure. As an authority voice you will be the company that dominates conservation in your field.

6.     Increased visibility and exposure- As well as using link building to increase search rankings, It is in a good position of supporting credible lead generation.  If in any case you may want to meet new audiences in a different geographical area, link building will help you work on this. And all these lead to good impacts on your business hence being one of the most trusted brands.

7.     Lower bounce rates – Bounce rates are the number of single page sessions or the number of people who visited one page of your website and left without looking at the rest of the pages. When you are link building don’t just think of inbound links but always work on internal links too.

 The mixture will make your backlinking look more organic and professional as you make it easier for google to navigate your website. With this, people logging into your website will have a much easier time in finding content they want and with this, you will keep people on your website for long hence reducing bounce rate.


With my final understanding, I have come to realize that if you want to achieve real success when it comes to link building then don’t go to different routes of buying links. This is because you won’t be sure whether the link will work or they can destroy the good impact of your website.

Even if it takes time, work extra hard to generate your own for you to get good referrals from high authority websites. Ramp up your content marketing and integrate your building strategy across all your channels.

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